Facials in Brisbane and Much More!

Armed with years of knowledge, training and dynamic Dermalogica products, your specialist Brisbane therapist knows your skin inside and out and will conduct a thorough skin analysis to prescribe exactly what your skin needs. From facials to manicures to more, we do it all.


The Treatment

Based on your consultation, your skin care therapist will customise the treatment with the following:

  • Double cleanse
  • Treatment mask
  • Skin analysis
  • Hand, arm and shoulder massage
  • Professional exfoliation
  • Moisture protection
  • Steam and manual extractions

The Treatment + touch therapies = comprehensive skin care

Touch therapies target specific stress zones to relieve tension and Fatigue. Choose one or more to complement The Treatment.

Treatment times

The Treatment 60 minutes    $85
Express Treatment 45 minutes    $70
The Treatment for Men 60 minutes    $85
Touch therapies 15 minutes    Add $25


The Red Carpet                   90 min  $160

The Red Carpet Treatment combines four fantastic treatments;

  • We start with a Professional Dermalogica exfoliation (including extraction work)
  • We then move on to Microdermabrasion, a resurfacing technique for removing dull dead skin cells.
  • Followed by Iontophorisis, a technique were a mild micro-current gently delivers a customised infusion through the skin to target specific concerns
  • We then finish with a lymphatic drainage massage, hand massage and Dermalogica contour mask to lift and tone the skin.

This 90 min Red Carpet Treatment has been designed to leave your skin clean, glowing. Hydrated and nourished ready for any red carpet occasion


Specific concern treatments

Usually recommended in a series of 6.
Purchase 5 Treatments, receive the 6th one free!

Skin brightening treatment      90 minutes $125

Minimising the effect of sun and age while removing dull surface cells to smooth the skin. The Chroma White TRX Treatment will accelerate brightening, improve skin tone, enhance skin clarity and create a fresher, healthier appearance.

Multivitamin power system      90 minutes $125

A unique treatment that delivers a concentrated dose of vitamins to the skin, formulated to reduce the signs of aging and encourage the skins natural repair process and improve the skins texture. This treatment is the ideal choice for sun damaged, pigmented and dull skin.

MediBac clearing treatment        90 minutes $125

Dermalogica’s skin exfoliant system is the ultimate treatment for problematic, oily or dull skin conditions. Clear up your skin with our advanced deep cleansing techniques and powerful acne fighting formulas.

Age smart treatment        90 minutes $125

This powerful treatment focuses on resurfacing, smoothing, hydrating and firming the skin. It is perfect for clients of all ages who are concerned with aging.

Environmental control treatment         90 minutes $125

If your skin is red, inflamed or itchy this treatment is for you. Our super smoothing, skin protecting treatment is followed by a cooling, healing oatmeal masque that calms redness and reduces inflamation. Ideal for rosacea and eczema conditions.


Microdermabrasion      60 minutes $130 per treatment
Microdermabrasio        $600 for a course of 6

Give your skin a professional polish with our Microdermabrasion system. This non invasive procedure accelerates oxide crystals onto the skin to remove dead cells. It also promotes the production of new cells in the deepest layers of the skin, leaving your skin smoother, brighter, fresher and firmer.


Body Focus

De-stress your muscles and cleanse the skin of impurities with this purifying and relaxing back treatment. A deeply cleansing exfoliant sloughs off dead skin cells. The skin is cleansed, polished, hydrated and refreshed.

Back treatment                60 minutes $80


Nails & Hand Treatments

Hand treatment             60 minutes $65

Includes a warm sea salt foot soak, foot exfoliation, file and buff, cuticle softening, nail shape and a luxurious soft mask.

Foot treatment               60 minutes $75

Includes a warm sea salt hand soak, foot exfoliation, file and buff, cuticle softening, nail shape and a luxurious soft mask

Buff, file & polish             30 minutes $35


Hair Removal

Based on your consultation, your skin care therapist will ensure exact hair removal:

Waxing & Sugaring


Time Waxing Sugaring
Chest 30 min $35 $40
Stomach 30 min $35 $40
Back 45 min $60 $72
Chest & Stomach 45 min $65 $78
Chest Stomach & Back 90 min $120 $140

Other waxing available upon request


Time Waxing Sugaring
Eyebrow 15 min $22 $26
Lip 15 min $15 $18
Eyebrow & Lip 30 min $35 $42
Chin 15 min $15 $18
Full Face 30 min $50 $59
Underarms 15 min $22 $25
Arms 30 min $40 $48
Half Leg 30 min $40 $48
Half Leg & Bikini 45 min $60 $72
Half Leg & Full Bikini 45 min $105 $126
Top Leg 30 min $40 $48
Top Leg & Bikini 75 min $60 $72
Full Leg 60 min $70 $84
Full Leg & G-string 75 min $80 $96
Full Leg & Full Bikini 90 min $120 $140
G-String 30 min $35 $42
Full Bikini (Brazilian) 45 min $70 $85
Full Bikini Maintenance ** 30 min $65 $72

** Maintenance, must return within 4-5 weeks for waxing and 3-4 weeks for Sugaring



Eye lash tint                                                       15 minutes      $22

Eye brow tint                                                     15 minutes      $20

Lash & brow tint                                               15 minutes      $40

Lash & brow tint & eye brow wax                  30 minutes      $60